Basic Cooking Tips To Remember When Preparing Food

The joy of cooking is experienced by many people. Whether you like to make simple snacks that tickle your taste buds, or multiple course meals and desserts that rival even the best thanksgiving feasts, you can’t help but appreciate the art of cooking. The tips in this article will help you become a better cook.

A Guide To Successful Commercial Real Estate

The world of commercial real estate is a vast place with a load of information that you will need wade through. You may wonder what exactly qualifies a property to be a commercial property. Also, how are the rules and legalities different from private property to commercial property? This article will attempt to give you

A School That's Recruiting Alumni to Be Teachers

LOS ANGELES—When students at one California charter network graduate from high school, they get more than just a diploma. They’re offered a job, too. “We need people who look like we do, who come from our neighborhoods and who understand what it is like to be the first, to become role models for future young

My Proud Pilgrimage to My Homeland

Very few Americans could find Nagorno-Karabakh on a map. (Very few of us, of course, could find Armenia and Azerbaijan, either.) I went there this summer for the same reason that I return every year to Armenia and the remnants of Armenian civilization that are scattered across eastern Turkey: This earth is in my blood,

Here are the top Twitter trends of 2016

The Rio Olympics, the American presidential election and Pokemon Go were the top global trends on Twitter in 2016. The social media site says Rio2016 was the most tweeted-about topic around the world, followed by Election2016 and PokemonGo. Euro2016, Oscars, Brexit, Trump and BlackLivesMatter also made the top 10. A Spanish gamer known as elrubius